Gun sniffer dog at work in schools | criminality


K9 Hondo is trained to detect only firearms and ammunition, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

A gun detection lab is at work at schools in Winston-Salem / Forsyth County, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday, describing the dog’s presence as a “gradual alternative solution” the gun challenge in schools which has educators and law enforcement officers stepping up their efforts.

K9 Hondo is trained to detect only firearms and ammunition, the sheriff’s office said. While most sheriff’s office dogs are multi-purpose certified, Hondo’s only job is to research weapons and ammunition.

Or, more precisely, sniffing prohibited items.

As the dog makes its rounds, it smells of guns and ammunition, the sheriff’s office said. It can sniff objects whether they are in the same place or being transported from one point to another. This is a concept called human transmitted detection.

When Hondo smells what he’s trained to detect, he can trace the scent back to its source, whether it’s in a locker, on a person, or in a backpack, the sheriff’s office said.

This makes Hondo different from other members of the K9 Patrol, who are certified in several disciplines: drug detection, tracking and tracking or apprehending fugitive criminals.

The sheriff’s office said Hondo and his manager, Deputy TS Justice, are assigned to the school resources division of the sheriff’s office, which provides the assistants who serve in schools. Justice has spent more than half of his law enforcement career in an educational setting, the sheriff’s office said.

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