Gadsden suspends school programs due to lack of money


The afternoon classes in Gadsden have been suspended until further notice. The school district programs run out of money. However, the superintendent says he hopes the hiatus won’t last long.

About 600 Gadsden students at 10 schools are affected by the temporary closure of the after-school care center. The district is in the process of renewing its federal post-school grants, and says it isn’t if the renewals are approved, however when the money will fall. The problem, says Superintendent Roger Milton, is now one of cash flow. Due to the damage from Hurricane Michael, the district does not have enough cash to keep the programs going.

“We work with FEMA [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] and insurance to get some of that money back, but we got limited funds … and we got $ 400,000 and spent a few million on the hurricane, “he said.

The school district suffered more than $ 80 million in damage from Hurricane Michael. It has spent about $ 4 million and only got $ 400,000 back from insurance claims.

The Florida Department of Education donated some cash to Gadsden for after-school programs in July to help get it through the transition to a new fiscal year as it waited for its federal post-school funding, but that cash advance ran on Monday, September, off. 1.

Meanwhile, Milton admits the failure of the program is a hardship for the parents and says they were informed of the suspension of the afternoon classes late last week. The district will continue to offer its morning programs.

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