Future of dog track in Clonmel secured and large debt cleared

In a timely boost ahead of the national race meeting in Clonmel, the future of greyhound racing in Clonmel has been secured.
The future of greyhound racing in Clonmel has been secured through an agreement between the operators of Clonmel Racecourse and Greyhound Racing Ireland.
The track is now set for another important development which will open up many exciting new opportunities.
Senator Garret Ahearn welcomed the news that Davis Road Greyhound Stadium Ltd (DRGS), which operates the Suirside track, has entered into a new lease with Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI) which will allow the facilities to be used for commercial and events, in addition to greyhound racing.
Senator Garret Ahearn said: “Greyhound racing has been in decline nationally for several years and it is recognized that not every racetrack in the country will survive this decline. Fears have been around for some time that Clonmel is a racetrack under treatment due to a large disputed debt. Now, following negotiations with GRI, an agreement has been reached which removes this debt and protects the long-term viability of the stadium.
“I know the members of Davis Road Greyhound Stadium are relieved to finally have a racetrack solution that gives the racetrack the ability to maximize its potential,” he said.
DRGS chairman Jer Ryan, on behalf of the trustees, said “we will continue to run our traditional dog races, but we are delighted with the new opportunities this agreement will bring to the stadium and to Clonmel itself”, he said. -he declares.
“This agreement comes with a 25 year lease, which provides a great opportunity to continue greyhound racing in Clonmel and to develop the DRGS as a business venture in the town, as an exciting new venue for host events and occasions for the people of Clonmel and afar,” he added.
A limited number of people can currently attend race meetings on Thursday and Friday evenings due to restrictions.
“However, when further easing takes place in the future, the new 25-year commercial lease will present great opportunities, given the stadium’s prime city center location, modern facilities and ample parking.” , did he declare.
The facilities were upgraded following GRI’s commitment to invest in Clonmel in 2012.
Jer Ryan underlined “We must acknowledge the support that the GRI has provided to the DRGS and greyhound racing in Clonmel over the years.”
The DRGS is also grateful to its sponsors over the years, for the support and funding they have given to the track.
This support is deeply appreciated and has enabled Clonmel to host many high caliber events including the National Produce Stakes sponsored by Larry O’Rourke, the Rural Hawaii at Stud Unraced Stakes sponsored by the O’Dwyer family which are great mainstays of the track, and the Munster Puppy Cup, plus many other events, both open and graduated.
Senator Ahearn said: “We have so many great trainers and breeders from across the country at Tipperary which brings a lot of top quality racing to the track. Tipperary is respected throughout the county for producing top quality racing dogs.
Clonmel Track was no exception to the challenges facing businesses across Ireland as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, and Chairman Jer Ryan, on behalf of DRGS, thanked the loyal trustees.
“Many owners, trainers and breeders are also shareholders and the stadium managers would like to thank their current and past shareholders for their continued support, which is essential to the success of the site. We would like to reach out to our current and past shareholders to purchase new shares, and we would be happy to welcome any new shareholder or party that supports this new venture. We would love to hear from you. It’s always great to have new members on board for new ideas,” he said.
Looking to the future, the directors and everyone at DRGS are very excited about the new opportunities that are opening up for the stadium, and look forward to the greyhound community and the general public joining in. enthusiasm.
“We hope you can support us by booking our site for an upcoming event or occasion, attending a race night, sponsoring a race or race night, purchasing our weekly lotto tickets or purchasing shares,” said Jer Ryan.

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