From unknown villager to popular canine care expert: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Deepkamal Kaur

Jalandhar, July 11

A Jat from the Arjanwal village of Adampur, Harwinder Grewal intended to do something different about seven years ago. He was already running a dog breeding business but wanted to take it to the next level and reach a wider clientele. And he succeeded.

He started a pet care and services YouTube channel – Bhola Shola – which now has over 7.2 lakh subscribers. For his followers, he is their personal veterinarian and guide. He takes one of the most anticipated live sessions with them every Thursday and answers dog owners’ various questions about caring for their pets, common illnesses, breeding issues, selection of good breeds and other valuable tips. All these dog lovers who can understand Hindi connect him from all over India and even across borders.

Justifying the name of the channel, Grewal told the story, “When I started my YouTube channel, it was not so easy to get it. I had started with another colleague, whose nickname was Bhola We both used to do comedy to attract more viewers and so we got the name Bhola Shola. As we started to attract more serious audiences, we eventually changed its concept and kept it strictly for dog care. In the meantime, Bhola left the chain but we continued to run it under the same name. Now people think my name is Bhola and call me that name when they ask their question.

He added: “So when the chain grew, we also branched out a bit. I started my own line of dog products, including supplements, and my business is doing very well.

Budding Entrepreneur Mentors

Harwinder Grewal, a resident of Arjanwal village in Adampur, was recently invited to interact with aspiring entrepreneurs having their ideas on startups at an event organized by Innovation Mission, Punjab. He shared his journey with them telling them about the problems he faced and the ways he adopted to achieve success.

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