Four scenarios, one trade and why taking a quarterback at No.2 isn’t ideal – The Athletic

The Lions did manage to get out of the No.1 pick in this year’s draft, but they will still be No.2 and – after the lineup picks are distributed – likely hold five top 100 caps. How does the GM Can Brad Holmes have it done better to put this stock to the service of rebuilding Detroit?

As we move into the offseason mode, let’s break down four scenarios on how the draft top could play out for the Lions.

Scenario 1

Simplest option

Baumgardner: That’s the most likely scenario for many right now, with Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan or Kayvon Thibodeaux of Oregon going to the Lions. Either pass rusher seems like a good choice for Detroit at No.2.

Chris, you went with Thibodeaux here – but for the sake of this drill (and because we haven’t really written about it yet), unwrap your first thoughts on these two players. What do you think the Lions would get with either selection?

Burke: It always feels like they’re in a good position, all things considered (read: there’s no obvious quarterback here). I caught Thibodeaux because the simulation sent Hutchinson to Jacksonville, but the Lions could come away with a destructive edge rusher anyway. We’ve all watched that Sunday night this week, with Joey Bosa blowing things up on one side and Maxx Crosby absolutely wiping out the Chargers on the other. Just give the Detroit defense anything in that area and they can cook.

As we mentioned, they are different guys.

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