Five things you didn’t know about the Staffies


The Staffordshire Bull Terriers are currently in the lead to win the UK Favorite Dog Breed Show – and we are not surprised! Staffies are lovable, affectionate and beautiful dogs.

Staffordshire Live supports the Staffies as the most valuable breed in the country – remember, there is still time for you to vote for your third and final vote in the competition organized by our sister site Team Dogs in association with Pooch & Mutt.

Before Saturday’s final, Team Dogs share five facts about the country’s most beloved breeds.

From their high pain threshold to their nickname “nanny dogs,” and their adopted struggles, here are five things you didn’t know about Staffies:

1. Staffies are lovers, not fighters

Staff members are often misunderstood and negatively labeled as aggressive and frightening dogs. While their stature and muscle strength might seem tough, they’re a lot softer than you might think.

The employees are friendly, affectionate and full of love! They are certainly lovers, not fighters.

Staffies are lovers, not fighters, despite a negative reputation

2. Staffies need homes more than other breeds

Often times you will find more Staffies in rescue centers than any other breed. According to the RSPCA, Pets4Homes and Blue Cross, Staffies are the most unwanted and difficult breed of dog to relocate due to their unfair reputation.

If you are considering adopting a rescue dog into your household, consider a Staffy who well deserve it.

3. The staff members are nicknamed “nanny dogs”

Staff members have been nicknamed ‘nanny dogs’ in Britain for their patience and love of children. While no dog should ever be left alone with young children, or act as a babysitter, Staffies are generally loyal, gentle, and caring with children.

Staff are nicknamed
Staff are nicknamed “doggie dogs” for their patience with young children

4. Employees like to have a job

Staffies have brains and good looks. They are intelligent dogs and like to feel like they have a purpose in the house. Even if it’s about keeping the property, they like to have a regular job – instead of lounging around all the time.

It goes back to a history of breeding, when Staffies were always bred for purpose.

5. Employees have a high pain threshold

Staffies are incredibly fit, hardy and healthy dogs. In general, they do not suffer from any breed-specific health problems. They have a high pain threshold and can injure themselves without any signs, such as whining.

If Staffies are your favorite dog breed, vote for your third and final vote in the UK’s favorite dog breed competition ahead of the final on Saturday 14 August.

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