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Mountaineer Gas crews were investigating the cause of an explosion Sunday night at a Beaver company, workers reported.

Gas leaks in a residential area about two and a half miles north of the explosion were unrelated, Mountaineer Gas workers at the site reported.

The Beaver Volunteer Fire Department has urged those who smell natural gas to call 911.

Mountaineer Gas workers had identified at least three leaks in the underground sewer lines on Booth Avenue on Sunday evening, including two in the middle of the street and one in a resident’s yard. Workers reported Sunday evening that the leaks posed no immediate danger or threat to residents.

The explosion occurred at Judy’s, a lottery lounge at 103 Beaver Plaza on Ritter Drive, around 4:35 p.m., according to dispatchers from the County Raleigh Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

“The original call was for an explosion,” an COU dispatcher said at around 10 p.m. on Sunday. “A fire ensued, but it was contained fairly quickly.

“They put out the fire quite quickly,” he added.

It was not clear whether the call was from inside Judy or from a witness outside, he added.

Firefighters from the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department, Ghent Fire Department, Mabscott Fire Department and Coal City Fire Department extinguished the flames.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, Mountaineer Gas, Appalachian Power, Jan Care Ambulance and Best Ambulance have responded. One person was taken to a local hospital. The condition of the person transported was not available on Sunday evening.

The Beaver Volunteer Fire Department reported that natural material had entered a sewer line and caused the explosion. Homes and businesses on Airport Road in Soggy Dog Car Wash were evacuated around 6 p.m. and traffic was closed for about two hours.

Authorities reopened the north and southbound lanes of Ritter Drive at 8 p.m. At around 9:20 p.m., the BVFD reported that businesses in Beaver Plaza were allowed to reopen. In a Facebook post, BVFD firefighters told the public to avoid the area near Judy’s.

The state fire marshal’s office has launched an investigation, according to the publication.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the community at this event,” BVFD reported. “If residents detect gas odors or experience dizziness, please leave their premises and call 911.

“We don’t expect any further problems.

“Mountaineer Gas is on site and has it in hand,” the post said.

Mountaineer Gas workers reported that there had been three leaks on Booth Avenue, about 2.5 miles north of Judy’s. None of the leaks were dangerous, according to the gas crews.

Residents of Booth had called Wednesday and Sunday to report the smell of natural gas. Two of the leaks are on the road. One was from a sewer line in a resident’s yard, according to a representative for Mountaineer Gas.

Natural gas is odorless, and Mountaineer Gas contracts with a company to add an odor so that customers can smell a gas leak or when their gas ranges are on, for example.

Mountaineer Gas workers said the three leaks on Booth Avenue have been present for some time and do not present a hazard. Neighbors only learned about it because the company that added the odor had “overloaded” the system, making the smell of natural gas more obvious, a mountain worker said.

Mountaineering teams have responded to several reports of natural gas odors from Booth Avenue in Beaver in recent weeks.

The Oak Hill office of Mountaineer Gas serves from Booth Avenue to Cherry Creek Circle in Shady Spring. Gas is supplied by Beckley’s Mountaineer office.

The line serving Judy’s is a different gas line than the one serving Booth in Cherry Creek, according to the Mountaineer crews.

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