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Dogs are by far the most popular type of pet, with nearly three in five Australian households owning a dog. They are called “man’s best friend” for a very good reason. Over the past five years, the Labrador retriever has taken the top spot as Australia’s most popular dog breed. This is consistent around the world as the breed is well known for its outgoing personality, friendliness towards humans and other dogs as well as its confidence, adaptability, intelligence and it can be easily trained. Lately there has been a clear trend that smaller breeds are becoming more and more popular. So which breed is right for you and your family? After all, you are committing to care for a living, breathing being that will depend on you for its entire life. The first step to becoming a responsible dog owner begins before you even bring him home. A thoughtful and serious assessment of your needs before making a decision will ensure that you live together long and happily. Your home environment will impact which dog breed is most suitable for you. Do you live in an apartment or flat, house or land? Some dogs adapt easily to city life (eg French Bulldogs) while other dogs just need plenty of open space to keep them happy (eg Kelpies). Be careful, some dogs are “vagabonds” by nature, while others protect their territory. It is important to keep your dog safe when selecting the most suitable breed. Other important considerations are that some dogs need plenty of exercise to be fit and happy. Never underestimate these needs. On the other hand, some breeds are content with less exercise. Some dogs are just great with kids, but there are some that might be more problematic, so be careful when choosing the best breed for your situation. Finally, to some degree your choice of dog size will be governed by your own preferences and the space in your yard. Large dogs also eat more than small dogs and as the year progresses the food bill can increase. Generally, the average bill for veterinary care for a larger dog is also higher. So, be sure to check the affordability of your proposed new pet. Check out the fabulous “dogzonline” website which has resources for comprehensive breed indexes and information.


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