Far Cry 6: How to complete the quest for man’s greatest enemy?

Welcome to our guide to “Far Cry 6: How to complete the quest for man’s greatest enemy?”. This guide will help you complete Yaran’s story titled Man’s Finest Enemy in El Este. This guide will show you where to locate Reinaldo, how to defend Chicharron from the guard dogs, and how to access the water tower.

How to unlock the quest and talk to Reinaldo?

After reaching Patriotas Peak, a guerrilla base in El Este, you can start this side mission. This happens during the Meet the Legend process. You must locate and read the interactive note at camp. You will be able to access Yaran’s tale this way. In a farm on the southeast side of the guerrilla camp, Reinaldo Alvarez will be located. You will see a cutscene there, and Chicharron, the rooster will also come. In the future, he will be your pet, but first we must complete three goals.

How to meet Chicharron and protect him?

The rooster will approach the new hostile location on the map, Vacia Coast Military Kennels, without your help. Once there, meet Chicharron and follow him. Open the side lever for the cock. You must prevent hostile guard dogs from frequently attacking the rooster. You must keep Chicharron’s health above 0% or you will lose the mission. You can distract enemy hounds by shooting at a target and triggering dummy targets. This encourages them to focus on the lure, making them easy targets for you and Chicharron. You have to fight until all the dogs are defeated; others will unleash in “waves”, allowing you to recover or reload the weapon.

How to damage the water tower?

After conquering the battle, follow Reinaldo’s advice to the local water tower. Climb to the top of the dog crates, then place the climbing kit on the interactive hook. At the top, approach the water tower wall and press your interact button to instantly paint it in graffiti. You’ll complete the current mission and gain instant access to Chicharron’s next story, The Pecking Order.

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