Every episode of Freaks And Geeks ranked

In “Tests and Breasts,” another entry currently rated over 8.5 on IMDb, the Geeks endure Sex Ed with Mr. Fredricks who, due to Sam’s ignorance of the female reproductive system, ends up humiliating the ‘child. As everyone at school starts calling Sam Dr. Love as a cruel joke, Lindsay tries to help Daniel with an upcoming math class. Much to his frustration, however, he is not interested in studying. He would rather she give him the answers to the test he stole. At first, Lindsay refuses, but when Mr. Kowchevski (Steve Bannos) disdainfully insults Daniel as she tries to say a good word for his friend, she changes her tune. Following, both teenagers are accused of cheating. During all of this, Daniel also finds time to help Sam with his problem with Dr. Love, but for Daniel, that just means lending the kid a dirty movie.

Critically Touched’s Jeremy Grayson says this “Freaks and Geeks” entry “is a perfect vehicle for Daniel… Heck, in some ways it’s an episodic clone of Daniel… – both are witty, confident and unpredictable. Both are also very fun to watch, which makes for a very likeable episode.” Ultimately, this story explores just how manipulative Daniel can be, but it also shows why he chooses to be that way. His monologue at the end of the hour, which he recites twice, is moving the first time, but we recognize the scholarly insincerity the second time.

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