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When the Ohio General Assembly resumes session, it will have a host of important issues to resolve.

But among those not to be forgotten is a measure introduced by State Representatives Laura Lanese, R-Grove City, and James Hoops, R-Napoleon, to ban puppy mills and other breeders from commercial dogs to perform certain surgical procedures on animals. Instead, it requires trained professionals to perform these procedures.

Under Governor John Kasich’s administration, a law came into effect that was supposed to clamp down on puppy mill operations in the state – including a ban on such surgeries (such as tail and ear docking , dewclaw removal and debarking).

But Vicki Deisner, executive director of Ohio Animal Advocates, told WOSU-TV the law was implemented in a way that allows breeders to continue surgeries on very young puppies, often without anesthesia or painkillers.

“It will not be the opportunity or the option in this new bill that is presented. There will be no doubt that commercial dog breeders will not perform any surgery,” said Deisner.

Instead, under the bill, these surgeries must be performed by a veterinarian, and painkillers are mandatory.

The law is one thing. Application is another.

If Bill doesn’t have the teeth to strike fear into the unethical farmers who would perform such surgeries in the first place, he won’t help the animals as intended.

Once Lanese and Hoops have a chance to apply pressure, lawmakers should waste no time in passing a strong version of the bill that ends this type of animal cruelty in Ohio once and for all.

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