Empty shelters event taking place at 11 locations in western Michigan


Currently, Michigan animal shelters are experiencing a massive influx of animals to the point where some have to turn animals away because they simply don’t have room.

With the goal of relieving shelters and finding animals in their forever homes, the Bissell Pet Foundation is hosting a national adoption event involving more than 180 shelters. In western Michigan alone, 11 shelters will participate.

Thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation, participating shelters will be able to offer an adoption fee of $ 25 or less from October 4-10.

If you’re considering adopting a new pet, here are the local shelters participating in the Empty the Shelters event according to the Bissell Pet Foundation,

  1. Al-Van Humanitarian Society. Al-Van Humane Society is a non-profit shelter in South Haven. Find them on Facebook and see all the adoptable animals on their website.
  2. Crash’s Landing and Big Sid Sanctuary. Crash’s Landing is specially designed for cats. Their shelter is a free, no-kill rescue and placement center for at-risk stray cats, according to their Facebook page. Located in Grand Rapids, you can find all their information here.
  3. Van Buren County Animal Control. The Van Buren Animal Control works with local shelters to help with pet adoption. You can read more here or follow it Van Buren Animal Control Friends Facebook Page which provides updates on events like Empty the Shelters, Microchip Clinics and more.
  4. Rescue of the animals of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Animal Rescue is a completely voluntary, non-profit, no-kill hospitality organization. Most of the animals they foster are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. Learn more about their Facebook page Where website.
  5. Faithful to the felines. As you can probably guess, Faithful to Felines is another haven dedicated to finding cats in their forever homes. Another organization run entirely by volunteers, it is located in Muskegon and even sells flowers to raise money to take care of the kittens. Find their location and more on their website Where The Facebook page.
  6. Harbor Humane Society. The Harbor Humane Society, located in West Olive, receives an average of 3,500 animals per year according to their website. They also work to carry out outreach activities and provide educational programs. Learn more about their Facebook page.
  7. Southwest Michigan SPCA. Since WKFR has a very close relationship with the Southwest Michigan SPCA (see Dog Days), I can confidently attest to how hard they work to find animals their forever homes. It is a no-kill refuge located in Kalamazoo. Learn more about their website Where The Facebook page.
  8. Kent County Animal Shelter. Located at 740 Fuller Ave NE in Grand Rapids, the Kent County Animal Shelter is also participating in the Empty the Shelters event. You can read more about their website Where Facebook page.
  9. Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance. Wishbone Pet Alliance aims to serve animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned and that are found in Douglas, MI. Find more information and updates on adoptable animals on their website Where Facebook page.
  10. Heaven can wait. Heaven Can Wait is a foster care animal rescue specially designed for abandoned or unwanted cats and kittens. Located in Ferrysburg, Heaven Can Wait also offers spay / neuter services for animals in need. Find updates on adoptable cats on their Facebook page Where website.
  11. Humane Society of West Michigan. Also located in Grand Rapids, the Humane Society of West Michigan cares for pets that need a forever home, offers behavioral training resources, and even classroom tours for children. Learn more about their website Where The Facebook page.

Keep in mind that many of these shelters will require you to complete an adoption application. Some may require these requests to be completed prior to your visit to the Empty Shelters event. Be sure to check with your local shelter to gather more information on what is required of you before pet adoptions can proceed.

Once again, the Bissell Foundation’s Empty the Shelter event will take place October 4-10 at participating shelters. See the full list of participating shelters across America here.

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