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(Photo by Michele Newbanks) June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month and the color purple is worn to show support for those who are being abused. Elisha Congleton, Deanna Green, Lori Hart and Kaleena Kelly wore purple to an awareness event at Buckeye Hills Regional Council on Saturday.

An awareness event on elder abuse was held at Buckeye Hills Regional Council on Saturday morning.

One of the big draws was a quarter auction, with proceeds going to Adult Protective Services, the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley and the Marietta Community Foundation to help APS customers with pet needs.

APS Director Deanna Green said the event went really well, although she didn’t know how much was raised.

“I still have to count the quarters” She said. “I feel like we had a really good turnout.”

There were 10 vendors and sold 60 out of 75 paddles.

“We had a lot of fun. It was a good day,” said Green.

28 items were auctioned, some of which stood out.

Lori Hart, APS worker, said there was a large garden basket valued at over $100.

Green said a Marietta College swag bag was highly coveted.

“It was decorated with autographed signatures and balls and a picture of the stadium,” She said.

A Cincinnati Bengals shirt and cap were also quickly snapped up.

“It was a beautiful thing because the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl,” said Hart.

About 10 vendors set up booths to provide resources for seniors.

Gerri VanNoy, Information and Support Specialist at BHRC, helped staff the City Council stand. She said it’s important for people to recognize elder abuse.

“Most of what we come into contact with is self-neglect” She said. “They don’t have running water. They have no food and are calling us because they need help.”

In these cases, they must call APS and inform them of the situation.

Right at Home owner Chrisy Heiss had a booth and said her company provides non-medical and personal home care for seniors.

“I’m helping a client walk his dog in the morning because he’s afraid of falling outside and needs safety.” She said.

Your staff aren’t nurses, so they can’t administer medication, but they can help with reminders to take it.

“We are excited to be another resource in the region for seniors,” She said. Right at Home provides services such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, bathing, dressing, eating/feeding and companionship.

Green said Saturday’s resource fair is the APS’ big event for Elder Abuse Awareness Month, but the signs will remain at the Armory, People’s Bank, Children’s Services and the Washington County Department of Job and Labor Office for the rest of the month Family Services on Gilman Avenue.

She said this isn’t the only event APS is holding. Many revolve around the holidays.

Hart said they donate meals to the elderly at Christmas, and Green said they work with Belair’s Bistro in Belpre to distribute meals to older adults who can’t get out.

Older veterans were honored with soup, rolls and cookies on Veterans Day last year, Hart said. They hope to do it again this year.

Green said they are also hosting a seniors’ Christmas “to make sure people who don’t have families get something for Christmas.”

Community members and businesses donate merchandise to be given away. Hart said they call their customers and ask what they need for Christmas.

Green said customers made a wish list.

“Do you need a pair of shoes? Do you need a coat?” said Hart.

Green said it’s amazing how many people are asking for standard garments.

Some things were rather unusual for a Christmas present.

“I got someone a vacuum” said Green. “There are things you take for granted until you have a steady income.”

A store bought a lady glasses, Hart said.

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At a glance

∫ Proceeds from the quarterly auction will go towards supporting APS customers with pet funds.

∫ Proceeds will be invested in a Marietta Community Foundation fund.

∫ They are used to provide short-term help with pet care when APS customers are unable to do so.

Source: Adult Protection Services.

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