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No matter how careful you are with your dog’s hygiene, there will be days when your dog smells bad. It may not only be due to dirt or dust, but may even be due to humidity in the air. So if there is a special occasion and you want your pet to look and smell great, you will have to go for dog fragrances. These special scents are made from dog safe ingredients and will not irritate your pet’s coat.

We have a list of some of the most popular dog fragrance choices that will help you choose the right one for your pet. Take a look at this list and choose the right option based on fragrance preferences.


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When it comes to dog grooming and care products, Captain Zack is a popular choice to consider. This branded dog cologne is made from a combination of apple and green tea extracts to give your pet a refreshing sensation. This scent will control foul odors and make your pet smell fresh instantly.

As it’s mild and alcohol-free, you don’t need to think too much before using this spray on your pet. This spray can even be used on animals over 6 weeks old. You can even make your pet’s coat shinier using this spray.

This animal scent can be another affordable choice for your pet to consider. As it is suitable for both dogs and cats, it will easily meet all of your pet care needs. This spray will ensure that your pet’s coat feels soft and smells great between bathing sessions. This spray is free from toxins, artificial fragrances, chemicals, alcohol and more. So your pet will not experience any discomfort when using this spray.

Made from a blend of strawberry and cherry extracts, this spray will be a great option for your pet to smell great.

Here is another affordable dog scent that you might like to buy for your beloved pet to make them smell great. This scent is made from extracts of aloe vera and vitamin E and is available in a blueberry scent. The odor control formulation and long lasting scent make this dog scent ideal for all your needs.

Since it is alcohol and paraben free, you won’t have to think too much about using it on your pet.

When it comes to pet care products, Petveda is another brand you can trust. This deodorant and perfume spray for dogs is composed of extracts of natural essential oils of lavender and clary sage. Thus, this will ensure that your dog’s coat remains nourished at all times. The relaxing natural scent will put your pet at ease and keep foul smells away for a long time.

Leaving it on the coat can even soothe and condition the fur to some extent. The brand claims that the spray is sulfate, paraben and alcohol free and is suitable even for dogs with sensitive coats.

Here is another affordable dog scent option that will make your pet smell fresh instantly. It’s a water-based scent and the refreshing scent of peach and mango is great for covering up the foul odor. You can even use this spray to nourish and moisturize your pet’s coat.

Besides dogs, this scent can even be used on cats.

Look for other trusted choices in dog fragrances here.

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