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Little is known about the origin of this dog breed according to Clube Português de Canicultura, it is one of the oldest dog breeds to exist in the Iberian Peninsula.
Serra da Estrela is a dog that is usually found precisely in the Serra da Estrela, in northern Portugal. The dog will be very loyal to his family, in addition to being an excellent guardian for the herds, having always been used for this type of work.
A Serra da Estrela can weigh 30 to 50 kilos and some professionals advise owners to have a fence around their house 1.80 meters high because the dog is very agile and very territorial.

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This breed of dogs will require at least an hour of physical exercise and it is not recommended to adopt one if you live in an apartment, as they have a lot of energy to release.
There are two types of Serra da Estrela, long or short haired, which it is advisable to scrub at least twice a week. The species with the shortest hair descend from these dogs, which have spent most of their lives in the coldest areas of the Serra da Estrela, to avoid having moisture in their hair.
The dog may require some training, especially if owners have multiple friends or family. The dog will be very territorial, so it is advisable to accustom him to visits, but at the same time teach him to protect the house from unexpected visits or animals.

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