Do you have an overweight dog? Here are some dietary tips to follow

Is your dog overweight? Although it may not worry you initially, obesity could, over time, put them at risk of many health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, urinary stones and possibly shorten their life expectancy. We all love our fur babies and seeing them sick can break our hearts. If your dog has gained weight, you need to add more physical activity to his routine and definitely change his diet to add more protein and fiber. Sweet treats are prohibited and overeating should be discouraged. Adding seeds, oats, curds can also be beneficial for them. (Also read: Teachers’ Day 2022: 9 things your pets can teach you

“Overweight dogs may seem cute to some, but being overweight can have detrimental effects on your pet’s well-being. Weight gain can lead to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure problems, lethargy, digestive disorders, pancreatitis, musculoskeletal problems, skin and coat problems, etc. As pet parents who love our furry best friends, it It’s best to avoid weight gain and try to counteract it,” says Dr Dilip Sonune, veterinarian at Wiggles.

Here are some dietary tips you can follow to reduce your dog’s weight:

Adjust your diet

Veterinarians suggest reducing the carbohydrate and fat content in an overweight dog’s diet and increasing the protein and fiber content. Pet parents can feed lamb and rice to see good results, especially if dogs are allergic to chicken. They can feed carbs like sweet potatoes in limited amounts. Pet-safe fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, beets, boiled vegetables, beans, watermelon, apple, pear, etc. can be added to a dog’s diet. Do not give them tomatoes or spinach during this time. Leafy greens that contain histamine can be itchy, so be prepared.


Flax, chia and basil seeds work wonders for weight loss, digestion and immunity. You can sprinkle it on your dog’s food once or twice a week in small amounts to reap the full benefits. Using it regularly can harm your dog’s health. If you see any digestive issue or skin issues, stop it immediately. Dogs may have it raw or cooked but only in small amounts.

Oats and Dahi

Oats and curd are an excellent combination for feeding overweight dogs. It’s healthy and easy on the stomach. It helps build beneficial gut bacteria.

Lifestyle changes

Diet is only part of weight loss. Be sure to play with your dogs and also focus on creating a better lifestyle. Long walks, hikes, fetching balls or sticks, and swimming are good exercises for dogs and beneficial for weight loss and overall well-being.

“Dogs are more notorious than human babies when it comes to food. They will fuss, not eat and make countless demands to give them what they like. They will become demanding, frustrated and even angry. As pet parents, you need to make the right choice for them. Many parents believe that dogs need a variety of foods, but that’s not true. If you give them complete, nutritious foods that are balanced and appetizing, they will eat it every day. If your dog is overweight,” says Dr. Sonune.

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