Did you know that these famous people were born in Iowa?


I begin this with the full understanding that you may never have spent much time wondering if those who are successful in their chosen field were born in Iowa.

Most of us sitting here in northeast Missouri and western Illinois have no trouble compiling lists of Show-Me State natives (Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, General Pershing, JC Penney) or the Land of Lincoln (Betty White, Bill Murray, Harrison Ford, Mary Astor).

But what about the Hawkeye State?

An audit of iowaculture.gov showed a single-spaced page and two columns of what they considered to be famous people whose lives began in Iowa.

There were 14 names that caught our eye as we found pictures and information on each of them and you’ll see them as you continue to scroll.

Some of these notables not in our gallery include artists ranging from Fran Allison and MacDonald Carey to Stephen Collins and Bill Daley, advice columnists Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren, band leaders Glenn Miller and Meredith Wilson and American Gothic artist Grant Wood.

Among those who made our Iowa A-Team are two fictional characters, two child actors and an iconic Western hero.

Who knew all these famous people were born in Iowa

Iowa isn’t just about growing corn. You might be surprised to know that what these famous people have in common is that they were all born in Hawkeye State.

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