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With numerous videos showcasing the demonic exploits of the Shaking Fury Balls, many wonder why the breed is popular or why it has not been listed in the Dangerous Dog Registry.

Known for their small, bulging eyes, quivering bodies, and gremlin-like grunts, Chihuahuas are arguably the most angry breed of dogs in existence – marked in particular by a severe case of the Napoleon complex.

While there are reports of a few cool chihuahuas, a good chunk of them appear to be real morons from hell.

But those who own them seem to think the constant barking and growling are funny, knowing that there isn’t much power to this bite.

While talking with a few people in the street, our journalist discovers that many people share this opinion.

“Angry little assholes”, says Steven [32] from Betoota Grove.

“I’m pretty sure everyone I know has been bitten by one.”

Another woman, Anita Wiley [23] says she can’t stand the “this is how you raise them” argument and instead suggests that they are just an inherently vicious breed.

“The nature versus culture debate is bullshit. I had one when I was a kid and we raised it with love.

“It didn’t stop him from biting my chin.”

Adding that chihuahuas only get away with it because they were very unlikely to kill anyone, unlike larger dog breeds with greater bite force, Anita says the intent to harm is always there – only, they cannot go to the end.

“I know a chihuahua would kill me if he could.”

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