Cute duo and a puppy rescued from breeding – some of the dogs who want to come home with you

There are hundreds of dogs looking for new homes in the large rescue centers in the region.

But have you ever considered adopting from a small rescue?

There are plenty of dogs who are currently in foster homes after rescues saw a huge influx of surrenders during and after closures.

Wing and leg rescue, in Wolverhampton, is just one of a number of charities currently helping a number of animals find new homes and get the medical help they need.

Speaking to TeamDogs, Clare Vowles, CEO of Wings and Paws Rescue, said: “The pandemic has affected us tremendously – we haven’t been able to do much in terms of fundraising and events to raise money. fund for animals and our vet bills We had to rely on social media and donations a lot more than usual.

“We’ve also seen a huge influx of dogs and cats – especially puppies and kittens where they’ve been raised by people hoping to make money or by people who don’t know what they’re doing. have had a lot of illnesses and births. defective puppies / kittens that needed specialist help .. “

Below is a list of gorgeous dogs who are looking for their forever homes. Please note that adoption fees will apply and home checks will be required. If you want to adopt one of the dogs, contact Rescue of wings and legs.



Amber is an English Bulldog, around four years old, who has had a difficult life.

This gorgeous girl is a former breeding dog but is now in the care of her loving foster parents Wings and Paws. Since coming to the rescue, Amber has been spayed to make sure she has no more puppies. She had ear and skin infections and also had eye surgery to treat her inward pointed eyelashes. Amber also suffers from dry eye due to this and will therefore take eye drops for life – her new owners should take this into account.

Amber can live with children over the age of six and can live with other dogs.

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Teddy bear

Teddy bear
Teddy bear

Teddy is a seven month old Llhasapoo. He has heart disease which was operated on a few weeks ago. Once Teddy gets the green light from the vet, he will be available in about three weeks for a placement.

He can live with children over six years old and can live with other dogs.

Simba and Teddy

Teddy bear and Simba
Teddy bear and Simba

They are super little Chihuahuas who seek their perfect home together.

The curriculum vitae will not allow them to be relocated separately.

The couple are adorable dogs who love children. They are not toilet trained well, however, so their new owners will have to work on this, but they will soon get used to it with patience and positive reinforcement training.

They can live with children over six years old.



Trixie is a crossbreed of Pomeranian Chihuahua. She is about four years old. She can live with other dogs because she gets along well with the other foster dog she lives with. However, Trixie will have to go to a house where there are no children because she doesn’t like them. Therefore, she can only go to a home for adults.

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