CT’s largest dairy farm turns the smell of cow manure into money

It’s a beautiful day on Connecticut’s largest dairy farm, Oakridge Dairy in Ellington, where you can smell the money for miles. The air is rich with the smell of manure from the herd of 3,000 cows on the farm.

Did you know that a mature dairy cow produces around 65 pounds of poop each day, according to fergusonfoundation.org? So if you do the math, that translates to 195,000 pounds of manure every day at Oakridge Dairy. It’s the sweet smell of cash as it will be turned into gas sold in New Jersey.

According to Hartford Current, Oakridge and South Jersey Industries have joined forces to build an anaerobic digester that captures raw methane and other greenhouse gases produced by manure. Simply put, it turns cow poop into cash.

Beautiful udders – Unsplash.com

Anaerobic digestion occurs when bacteria break down organic matter, such as animal manure, biosolids in sewage, and food waste, without oxygen. If cow manure is your thing, don’t hesitate to read the full article, which is very fascinating. Lucky for you, it’s time to check out some fun facts about cows:

  • A high-producing dairy cow can drink up to 35 gallons of water per day in addition to the moisture in her feed, silage, or grass.
  • A cow grazes by wrapping its tongue around the grass and cutting it with its lower teeth and a slight upward movement of the head. She will eat about 100 pounds. of grass per day.
  • The average cow can eat around 35 pounds. good hay daily when grass is not available.

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