Crime Week: Spotlight on Bushwick


Overall, crime is on the rise in Bushwick and Brooklyn as a whole.

There was a 90.5% increase in reported crime in the 83rd Borough of Bushwick in the week of September 20-26, compared to the same time last year.

There have been 40 reported incidents, including theft, criminal assault, burglary, grand theft and auto theft.

During the same period last year, 21 incidents were reported, including nine incidents of robbery.

Five murders and 21 rapes were reported this year in the neighborhood, compared to four murders and 15 rapes reported on the same date in 2020.

Considering the 28-day cycle, there has been a 15.7% increase in incident reports this year compared to last year.

The most common incident reported during the one-week period was robbery, with 14 reports of the crime. This is five more incidents reported than at the same time last year.

On September 27, the 83rd Precinct tweeted that there had been an increase in car thefts and burglaries in the neighborhood, and warned drivers not to leave their keys in the ignition and unattended.

Across Brooklyn:

In the borough, 634 incidents were reported between September 20 and 26, according to NYPD’s CompStat. There have been six reported rapes across Brooklyn, 75 robberies and 146 criminal assaults.

In the headlines:

A 16-year-old boy was killed in a shootout in eastern New York on Tuesday, police said. The teenager was standing with a group outside the Fiorentino houses at the intersection of Miller and Pitkin avenues just after 1:20 p.m. when a gunman approached and started shooting the group, hitting the victim to the torso.

It started with bikes in the hallway. Then two cases of avocados from the cold room disappeared. A chest, a phone, an iPad, as thieves got more brazen. Then, on Wednesday morning, the owners of the Michelin-recognized Venezuelan restaurant Casa Ora woke up to find their front door had been smashed in with a brick, the register stolen. The latest burglary is the third the restaurant has faced in the past two weeks. This happened in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month and on a special day for the restaurant’s co-owners.

Police officers from the NYPD Animal Cruelty Investigation Team made an astonishing and disturbing discovery on Thursday at a Brooklyn home, where 20 dogs were found in a dastardly animal hoarding scene. Before officers reached the top of the stops, they had their first sign of how serious things were inside – the characteristic smell of dog urine. Once inside, they witnessed dirt and hundreds of flies in the area.

A Brooklyn teenager was shot and killed Tuesday as he and his friends fled a rival armed with guns – one of three shootings in a bloody eight-hour span in the borough, cops said. 16-year-old Cahlil Pennington was hanging out with a group of friends near the corner of Miller and Pitkin Aves. in eastern New York, near the homes of Fiorentino Plaza, when a gunman approached the group and opened fire at 1:34 p.m., cops said. Pennington was shot twice, police said.

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