Cat used for breeding untreated for over a year after horse kick broke her leg

A stallion who suffered shocking injuries after being kicked by a horse has been rescued a year after being abandoned without treatment.

Precious, the cat, was rescued by an animal charity in September after being horribly injured by a horse kick more than a year earlier, but no one had taken her to the vet.

She was part of a colony of cats that was left behind by ranchers who also left behind 32 horses. However, they reportedly took 15 dogs with them.

Precious was taken in by Clay Country Cat Care, St Stephen, near St Austell, in September 2021 after founder Leanne Kent received a call from a volunteer who was feeding the cats.

Precious’ tail was also so damaged that most of it had to be amputated.

However, because they had been abandoned for so long, many of them had gone feral and many traps had to be set to save them, according to Cornwall Live.

Leanne said: “The conditions upon our arrival were shocking and totally heartbreaking. We had to set traps to catch the cats as they had been left in the wild. In total we rescued 13 cats and kittens all in terrible condition.

“Precious was one of the easiest to catch and we didn’t need to use a trap for her, on inspection we noticed she was injured and the lady who took care of s sure these cats were fed in the summer of 2020, Precious had been kicked by a horse and her leg broken, that bone went through her skin, and she was never treated or taken to the vet .

She continued: “Back to the rescue, we made all the cats comfortable and contacted our vet to be seen. Precious was pregnant again, so we couldn’t x-ray her. The vet said the wound was so old that it would be best to x-ray it once she has had her kittens and they have been weaned so they can spay her at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, the team noticed that his tail was also damaged and part of it appeared dead. When she was sterilized, she had to have most of her tail amputated.

“Once the x-rays were done, the extent of his injuries shocked us and our vets alike,” Leanne said. “Unfortunately, the only way to improve Precious’s quality of life is to lose that damaged leg.”

Precious' X-rays left surgery vets shocked at the severity of her injuries
Precious’ X-rays left surgery vets shocked at the severity of her injuries

The rescue is now trying to raise enough money to perform another operation so Precious can have his leg removed giving him the “best of luck”.

“We are completely shocked at the damage our poor girl has sustained,” Leanne said. “The decision was made to remove most of her tail when she was neutered as she was dead, our vet felt removing the leg would have been too much for the same operation.

“We are now raising funds to be able to pay for Precious’s operation, over Christmas and New Years we had a lot of sick and injured cats who needed vet care and our bill is already over £4,000 .”

Among his injuries, Precious suffered a broken and twisted pelvis, a broken tail, a nasty fracture to his left leg, and his body formed a “false socket”, which meant his left leg was much shorter than his right.

On top of all of this, she was pregnant again when she was picked up by paramedics, meaning no treatment or x-rays could be given until recently.

You can see the fundraiser here.

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