Canine experts share nine breeds most at risk during heatwave

The nine dog breeds most at risk from today’s heat wave have been shared by experts. Canine experts have spoken out as the temperature hits a staggering 34C.

In Birmingham, the mercury will reach 32C. Both vets and the RSPCA have issued warnings to pet owners urging them to refrain from walking dogs in the heat.

The complete list is: Chow chow, bulldog, French bulldog, French mastiff and sighthounds. King Charles Spaniels round out the list, alongside the Pug, English Springer Spaniel and Golden Retriever.

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Warning signs of heat stroke include h heavy panting and difficulty breathing, excessive drooling and the dog appears lethargic, sleepy or uncoordinated. They may also collapse or vomit.

The RSPCA warns: “Dogs suffering from heat stroke urgently need to bring their body temperature down gradually to have the best chance of survival.” The group added: “Once the dog has cooled down, take him to the nearest vet urgently.

“Certain types of dogs are more prone to heatstroke, such as very old or young dogs, dogs with thick, thick coats, or dogs with very short, flat faces like pugs and bulldogs.” He continued: “Dogs with certain illnesses or on certain types of medications are also at higher risk.”

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