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It becomes extremely difficult to leave town when you have a dog because it needs a lot of attention. I am always looking for a quality boarding house for my dogs as most places keep them in cages. I wanted a place where my pets would be treated like family and feel at home, ”says Sugandh Chaturvedi of Gwal Pahari of Gurugram.

Many dog ​​owners consider their dog to be family, some even consider them children. Unless you have a housekeeper to take care of your canine companion, it becomes difficult to leave a dog behind when you have to travel out of town for work or vacation. Finding a reliable dog boarding house is a Herculean task. We list three boarding services at Delhi-NCR that promise to take care of your furry friends when you are away and make them feel at home.

A home away from home
Mischievous Furballs offers quality boarding for your canine friends. The manager of the establishment, Gaurav Sakhuja, mentions that all breeds of dogs are welcome here as long as they are not aggressive. They accept furry friends over three and a half years old provided the dog has received its first vaccination. Depending on their age, dogs are given two to three meals (can be personalized with homemade options) per day. With owners who believe dogs speak, but only those who listen, this 24-hour facility also has 450m of open space for your pooch to roam freely. Vidya Anil from Indirapuram, whose Labrador Simba has been staying here for over a month, says: “We had tried to get other boarding services, but we had a bad experience with them. Here Simba can have fun freely.

O: Michievous Furballs Pet Boarding & Services LLP, Sector 70, Noida
FEES PER DAY: Rs 500-Rs 700 depending on breed and size
SERVICES: Pet boarding, pet training, birthday parties and weekend getaways

A shelter for pets
Dog-loving couple Asha and Arun Shivakumar have been running this establishment for almost six and a half years. The expansive three-acre farm can accommodate up to 50 dogs at a time. Arun, a canine behaviorist, also trains the dogs. In addition to being without a kennel, the farm has a swimming pool, a dog park and a veterinarian on duty. The meals provided are nutritious; dogs are given two or more meals per day. Dogs receive regular baths and are cleaned in accordance with COVID protocols before entering the premises. Eti Solanki from East of Kailash, the proud parent of a four year old male Indie named Simba, says, “The dogs here are kept without a cage. Simba can run as much as he wants. He’s so excited every time I take it; I think he loves Asha and Arun’s house more than the house.

O: Asha Arun Pet Boarding, Jonapur Village, Delhi
PRICES PER DAY: On request
SERVICES: Boarding for pets, training of pets and swimming pool for pets

Safe space for furry friends
Originally a pet cafe for almost three years, Deepak Solanki’s Barks and Meows offers boarding for dogs and cats. With a pool, playground, and even a pet spa, your furry friends can have a great time here. The facility accepts any breed as long as the animal is four months old and vaccinated. They provide temperature controlled rooms for pets with several bed options: floor bed, sofa, pet bed, to name a few. Apart from that, they also take care of basic grooming, day boarding, and even help organize pet birthday parties. Chaturvedi, who owns Heidi, a one-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever and a one-year-old German Shepherd called Gibran, says, “The staff are very supportive and know how to take care of the dogs. The owner being so understanding is a plus. I left my dogs here for a week without them having any problems adjusting here.

O: Barking and meowing, Gwal Pahari road, Gurugram
FEE PER DAY: For dogs – 1000 Rs; for cats – Rs 600
SERVICES: Animal cafe, animal park, animal boarding and animal spa

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