Buy Low, Sell High – Part Two – DT TALK

In case you missed part 1, the first player I mention is a stash, the second is to help out this season, and the third is a candidate for sale. Enjoy.

Winger– having the worst fantasy season of his career by nearly 20 points (not counting his rookie year). Still only 28 years old. Pretty good chance he gets traded, then can wait and see what the role is. 😉

Impey– has been over 70 in 7/10 games. He also had such low scores that I had to check his tog was normal. Has some fantastic friendlies for defenders in the home run (Saints, Bulldogs, Eagles, North Melbourne) and could go up to around 80. 🤷♂️

Sicily– his WO CJ average is 102.8 and with CJ in the team is down to 92.9. I just think Sicily is currently at its peak value. He should be a consistent 90s guy throughout his career, but his value is highly unlikely to be much higher than he is right now. Defs don’t need to cash in on their value, but are worth shopping around to see what’s there. 😎

Bedford– the Eternal Super Sub has shown some flashes in the games he has played this year. With an average of 75 in the VFL (although I question his TOG keeping that low), one that could be interesting in the right place. 😬 a few weeks ago it was Luke Jackson but you can’t have it all 😮💨

Langdon– due to injury, and also teams realizing his efficiency and scoring langdon’s average in his last 5 is 55.8. In previous games, ignoring his 38 against the falcons (Mitchell said after the game that maginness was picked on the side to score langdon), he averaged 97. Now obviously langdon is tag-sensitive and is likely to receive a couple in the home run (freo, Collingwood who scored last time), but if you’re willing to look the other way, he could be back to a 95 average from now on. 🤷♂️

Vineyard– He is currently 28 so should still be good for a few more years but before this year he only had one season with an average of over 91. He has only played 20 games in a season twice. In his last 5 he has a monstrous average of 116. If you’re trying to win a flag I’d hold it because he’s not expected to slow down this year but just based on his career so far I think he is unlikely to see him play 20 or more games next season and get anywhere near his 98 average. He could age like fine wine, but he could be very attractive to other teams right now. 😎

Tarryn Thomas– dude has been really rancid for fantasy coaches this season. Seemed underrated in terms of fitness and just out of touch. We have seen what he can do in the past though and I would bet on seeing another pre-season from him and what he can do. 😍😍

Stephenson– He seemed to be quite high on the pitch at the weekends and found ways to get involved. I think North’s season is going to continue to deteriorate, but if they started having more of the ball as a team, I think we would see Stevo’s numbers increase and become a striker on the pitch.🤢

Hall– again only if you are not in the running. Will be 32 in the offseason. Has a long history of soft tissue injuries and is highly unlikely to go all next season injury free. North could also have kids usurping his role as a bouncing halfback flanker during the preseason. You might be able to convince a competitor who wants 100 of him for the next month to hand you a young stud like a Luke Jackson (ambitious but go for it!) 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Dursma– the value must be quite low. Showed he could be a 70s guy. Would love to see him with a full pre-season. 🤷♂️

Orazioooo– Ports of last 4 games (fantastic final time) are against Collingwood, Richmond, Essendon and the Crows. Among these, there could be some bags for the little man. He’s probably on your waivers unless someone felt so passionately for him that he sat on his bench all season, but he’s definitely worth following. Should return to AFL level this week so be quick!! 😍

Book– he is about to turn 35. This may be his last year of fantasy relevance, and with Port’s midfield keys starting to be handed over to Butters and Rozee, I’ll jump before his value is 0. Only if you can nab a keeper for him. 🤟

Dow– worth a flier so dusty went to Sydney and that guys like Lambert and Edwards were to retire (this is pure conjecture). 🤷♂️

Bolt– could have huge one-day outings in the home run against West Coast, North, Hawks and Bombers. 🤟

There are not too many tigers whose value is very high. Short could be listed here, but honestly he would have a good chance of getting striker status and you’d be pretty happy with a 95 average striker. Maybe he’s a low buy…

clark– struggled in his first 2 games this season but love to at least watch him for an offseason if he can be healthy 🤞

Jones– I am puzzled as to why he scores so terribly. Always had a decent CBA volume. If it transforms its shape, you could choose a medium capable of going 100 for very very cheap. 😍

Ross– has been a scapegoat in the past. Was a consistent 90 highs and 100 lows guy before he was a really lean two years but despite some good games this year he’s still only going to 88. I’d say he’s going to have a great run at home , but he can be a bit overwhelmed at times and if guys like Hunter Clark, Owens and Windhager have good off-seasons and Karl Amon comes to the club, he could find himself on the outside very quickly. 😬

Ladham– I don’t think it should be ignored that in pre-season he dealt with patellar tendonitis, covid and concussion. Showed what he can do in matches as a solo ruck this year (112,107,97,81). He also had a few mediocre matches despite being a solo player. While in Port, he went around 91 as a solo ruck. I’d love to hide it (and line it up) until Hickey retires so we can see what he can really do as the number 1 ruck. 😍

Buddy– jump on the bud bandwagon! Play Essendon, Adelaide, GWS, North Collingwood and Homecoming Saints. There’s probably a bag or two in there somewhere! 👍

Lloyd– selling high on his 141. The role was the same and we’ve seen enough of him and the way the Swans play that he’s now a 90s guy at best. 👋

Cottage— looks like he might be ruled out for the year. He’s capable enough to be a 100-year-old guy and you might be able to get him on the cheap. Hope the ankle straightens in the offseason 🤞

Shuey– has a huge ceiling and if you have a deep midfield, you might be one you try to find a loophole to see if he hits that ceiling. 😄

withered– see if you can lure someone into trading. Unless there are injuries, chances are he won’t play again this year. 😍

Darcy– I really struggled to find a real hideout candidate among the dogs, all players value is quite high. Darcy will most certainly be on your waivers for now. I think he will work his way into the team soon, his VFL numbers have been insane, and if played as a key defender he knows how to rack up interception marks and could very quickly start to score 70s. 😬😬

Mcclean– the poor guy has had so many footballs stolen over the last 3 seasons. Had two seasons on 85 years ago, expected to enter the squad in the next two weeks. Another who might be on waiver, and honestly anyone who plays for the bulldogs has the potential to score well 🤞

No Bulldogs selling high. The only players you might consider are players who are very likely to retain striker status, so definitely don’t want to trade them.

Thank you very much for reading I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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