I get these DMs frequently. I ran this yesterday as a joke and thought to myself, “this really makes sense”. I asked around and was told DON’T SHARE IT from multiple parties so I didn’t. Kudos to me for being a man of my word and letting the big dogs get another scoop. That makes sense because Kimbrel might as well be on another team right now and Kopech is moving into rotation. Even with Kendall Graveman on board, the white socks had room for another stud reliever.

Enter Joe Kelly.

It is a quality intermediate lifter and can close in the blink of an eye. It’s not a crazy, sexy move, but it makes the White Sox pen look pretty good. Assuming Kimbrel is distributed, here is the white sox backend:

6/7 – Graveman/Kelly
8 – Graveman/Kelly
9 – Hendricks

Then you have Bummer and Hook to neutralize LH hitters, and that’s not even taking into account that they’re both dirty against RH hitters too. It’s a fucking dirty pen. One of the best pens in baseball. This is arguably THE strength of the White Sox right now and with the way baseball is going less and less about SP pitching and more and more about bullpen/matchups, the White Sox are pretty much set.

And then if for some reason Kimbrel is not treated, you have it too. Not a bad problem to have.

I will come back to this in more depth in the next few days. It’s late on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, so no one is ingesting this blog the way I want, but anytime soon…the league is screwed. The Sox still have a few moves up their sleeves in the coming days. Be on standby.


Carlos Rodon and Chris Bassitt would have been PERFECT additions to the NYY. Their rotation is dog shit as it is right now and I don’t want to say I told you, but I told you. The Evil Empire is dead!!!!

go white socks

UPDATE: Josh Harrison too…whatever. It has solid depth. If he’s the 2022 version of Brian Goodwin, no one should hate this move. Quality big league depth.

More to come next week

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