Betty White credited hot dogs with a long happy life – The Hollywood Reporter

Whatever the situation, Betty White has always tried to look on the bright side and keep a positive mind. And the actress attributed a long and happy life to this mantra. Well, that and hot dogs.

The deeply loved White passed away on Friday. She was 99 years old.

the Daddy’s Girls and Hot in Cleveland The star has previously been asked if she has any advice for people looking for her two hundred dollars for a long and fulfilling existence. White said she didn’t like giving advice, but followed some wisdom passed down from her mother.

“She said, ‘Always try to look on the positive side, not the negative side,” White told Queen Latifah on the latter’s talk show in 2014. “Look at the positive side of things and try to do them. work. If you focus or start with the negative things, you are often unhappy. She said, “If you are feeling down, or if you are feeling down, there must be something going on somewhere around you. . And it works. “

White also said hot dogs are a big help with longevity, at least for her.

“Hot dogs are the reason I’m 92,” she said at the time. “I am a health freak, as you can clearly see. People think, ‘Oh, that’s junk food.’ Not if you make a living from it. She noticed that friends and coworkers would try to get her to eat healthier, but eventually realized that at her age she needed to know what she was talking about.

Watch the interview, which got a lot of laughs, below.

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