Best dog breeds: check if your dog is on this list

They say, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.” But understanding breeds before you get one is what matters most. Petting a dog is a lifelong affair and you need a commitment of love, care and compassion as long as the four-legged friend is with you.

Here we bring you a list of 10 dogs considered to be the best family dogs, especially in India:

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Among all the dog breeds available in India, the Labrador Retriever tops the list when it comes to their popularity in the country. Labs are very easy to train and make a good companion with the master and other family members. High in energy, fueled by intelligence and kindness, the breed is one of the most preferred choices of Indians.

German shepherd

German shepherdGerman shepherd

If you want to own a dog that is both friendly and able to guard territory with ease, the German Shepherd is the perfect breed for you. The dog popularly known as the GSD comes in two varieties: the short-haired and the long-haired. While the short coat requires less maintenance, the long coat requires regular brushing. Loyal, obedient, watchful and courageous by nature, the breed is often used as a guard dog and for police and military work.

Golden retriever

Golden retrieverGolden retriever

Loved for its dense and lush golden fur, the Golden Retriever is another popular dog breed in Indian homes. With a very pleasant demeanor and compassion for children, it is one of the best family dogs.

siberian husky

siberian huskysiberian husky

With changing trends, Siberian Huskies are gradually becoming popular in India. Siberian Husky is a working dog. Therefore, they need daily exercise. Also, since they are hairy, they need regular grooming. The breed is very active, independent, playful and playful.



Popularly known as the Hutch or Vodafone dog, the Pug is a toy breed dog. With distinct characteristics such as sparkling eyes, curly tails, a compact size, and a short-muzzled, wrinkled face, the breed is a perfect companion dog you always love to hang out with. The dog is playful and affectionate towards children.



Compact in size and full of energy, Beagles make great companions. The breed is very cheerful and enjoys being around family members. But being hunting dogs, they can be stubborn at times and need proper training and socialization. If left alone, the dog may howl and become destructive.



Popular for its dense, lush fur, the dog breed is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Many dog ​​lovers prefer to pet a Spitz because they are very compact in size and look very cute if well cared for. Also, they need a very small place to fit into the family. The breed is best for people staying in an apartment. However, people are often confused between Pomeranian and Spitz breeds.



The dachshund, the short-legged, long-tailed breed, is prized for its unique look. Since the breed belongs to the dog group, they need proper training. The breed, also known as the wiener dog, is intelligent, stubborn and devoted to the master.

Saint Bernard

Saint BernardSaint Bernard

The breed is a very large working dog and known for its gigantic size. An adult Saint Bernard can weigh up to 100 kg and requires regular grooming. Although they are giants, they justify the word holy with their gentle and calm temperament. They were originally bred for rescue work in the Alps using their sense of smell. If you are considering getting a Saint Bernard, make sure you have enough space for them.

Great Dane

Great DaneGreat Dane

Great Dane, commonly referred to as the gentle giant and mystery-solving dog in the popular cartoon Scooby Doo, is a very large dog and can reach a height of 90cm. Despite their huge size, they are calm, collected and devoted to their masters. In addition, they love being with children. They need less grooming but plenty of room to fit in.

Disclaimer: The list of dogs mentioned above has been compiled considering people’s opinions and popular beliefs. The piece in particular is not meant to categorize or demean any breed of dog.

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