Bentonville adds 2 new animal shelters


Yes, two animal shelters are coming to Bentonville at the same time.

Why it matters: According to Ali Worley, Bentonville’s animal services manager, a city this size needs its own animal shelter. It currently has a contract with Centerton to bring stray dogs to its shelter and does not accept cats.

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What’s happening: The city plans to build his own. And a national non-profit organization Best Friends Animal Society, also has a pet resource center in the works that will serve as the regional facility for several pet-related services.

The city will an adoption program, educational programs, and a nursing program, Worley tells Axios. It also regularly hosts events for microchiped pets.

  • The municipal facility on the corner of Southwest I and Southwest 41st Street will cost approximately $ 3.1 million in construction costs and an additional $ 600,000 in start-up costs such as furniture and equipment, all of which will be paid for from the general city fund. says Worley.

Best Friends Best Pet Resource Center will have an adoption program but will be heavily reliant on pet care, Jackie Roach, senior manager of the center, told Axios.

  • It would love to work with a local veterinarian to provide spay / neuter and vaccination services to low-income pet owners, says Roach.

  • The Best Friends Center can help people who have lost or need to re-house their pets, or offer short-term accommodation to pets whose owners are leaving a situation of domestic violence or have an extended hospital stay.

  • The facility at 1312 Melissa Drive will cost approximately $ 14.5 million to build and an additional $ 2 million in operating costs to start up, Roach said. Best Friends received a $ 892,500 grant from the Walton Family Foundation in architectural design and engineering.

Worthless: Both facilities serve cats and dogs. Neither will animals euthanize depending on the room or how long they are in the facility.

Flashback: A few years ago, the city spoke to Best Friends about collaborating on a pet resource center. It did not work.

What’s next: The city is hoping to start construction in late summer and is expecting construction to take around a year.

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