Baby and Radar | Pet

Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska has several beautiful blackmouth dogs looking for good homes.

This breed of dog has a number of positive qualities and animals are attractive. They are medium in size and have a lifespan of around 12 to 18 years.

Blackmouth dogs are used to being well-muscled herding dogs. They are known for their courage, loyalty and strength. A black-mouthed priest was the main character in the book “Old Yeller”.

This breed of dog is smart and intelligent. Baby and Radar are two of the dogs at the shelter. The baby is a light tan female with a white female who weighs 45 pounds. Shelter staff think she will get along well with children, other dogs and possibly cats.

Radar is a brown and white male who weighs 46 pounds. It is also believed to interact well with children over 12, other dogs and possibly cats. Both dogs are a bit shy at first around new people but warm up quickly.

To meet these special young dogs, call the shelter at 402-750-4665, or stop by 1000 E. Omaha Ave.

Baby and Radar are 11 months old. They are desirable dogs and the shelter employees can answer all your questions.

This Baby and Radar adoption article is provided by Heartland Animal Advocates.

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