Are Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes still together, engaged?


On or off? Bachelorette Star Katie thurstonthe season is coming to an end. Is she still with the winner of Season 17 or are they engaged? Read on for spoilers!

Competitor Blake Moynes reportedly proposed to Katie, 30, in the finale, and they’re currently engaged, according to Reality Steve.

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There are no reports the couple have since separated, but the Bachelor Nation duo have hinted that they may not always be together.

One of the biggest red flags is that Katie revealed in late July that she was moving to San Diego, California from her home state of Washington. Blake, 30, is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s unclear if he might relocate to another country with his work as a wildlife manager in addition to running a non-profit conservation organization.

Blake has already competed for the Bachelorettes Claire Crawley and Tayshia Adams‘hearts during season 16. Both ladies were residing in California at the time, so maybe the Canadian stud is ready to move to the Golden State.

The couple’s behavior on social media has also been questionable. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, although that’s not surprising given that they try to avoid spoilers.

On August 1, Katie shared a photo of herself via Instagram Stories that showed her walking in the sun while carrying a big handbag. The song “To the man who let her go” from Tyler shaw played in the background. Some fans have interpreted this to mean that the principal lady is currently single, but others have taken it as a sign that she is shadowing the contestant. Greg Grippo before their drama in the series.

On the same day, Blake shared an equally cryptic message. “Everything is fine until it doesn’t,” he captioned a photo of himself bathing his two dogs. The “struggle” he spoke of was grooming the big puppies, but he received comments on the post as if it “foreshadowed” his relationship with the TikTok star.

That being said, Katie has confirmed that she is falling head over heels – but not just for her winner. “I fall in love more than once,” she previously confirmed to Entertainment tonight. “Nothing is off limits this season… Love is love, and I have to do what I have to do.”

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