Amazon shoppers love this bullet launcher for their dogs

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Let’s be honest for a moment, pet owners. Playing fetch with your dog is fun and (super cute) until your dog refuses to stop. On the one hand, you want your dog to use up all his excited energy and have a blast before the nap, and on the other hand, the one with the ball in it makes you bored and tired.

This is where the ingenious All for Paws automatic dog ball launcher comes in (literally). The Dog Ball Launcher is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a small machine that takes a tennis ball and throws it through a room, yard, or hallway for your dog to play with. It works with or without you, meaning you can take your dog’s ball after you retrieve it and manually reinsert it into the pitcher, or you can train your dog to do it himself. The latter gives you the option of being completely independent when it comes to playtime, but you should note that one reviewer said it took his dog about two months to learn how to do it on his own.

Buy it! All for Paws Automatic Dog Ball Launcher, $ 114.99;

The dog ball launcher works when plugged in for indoor use or via six C batteries (which are not included) if you hope to bring it outside for your puppy to play with in your yard or at the park. It comes with three two-inch tennis balls and has multiple settings that send them flying at around 10, 20, or 30 feet.

A satisfied customer left a glowing review for the ball pitcher and said his dog loved it so much that he took it out for the dog to play with every day, even outdoors.

“Okay, this is the best product I have invested in for my dog,” they wrote. “We use it every day in our long hallway and she’s obsessed. It’s now part of our daily routine. And it’s perfect for large job sites (if you have a store nearby). OBSESSED.”

Another puppy parent said it takes a little while to teach your dog to learn that placing his ball in the hole in the front of the pitcher was how the device worked, but it was well worth it. trouble and effort in the end.

“My puppy has been using the ball launcher for almost two months,” the reviewer said. “She finally learned how to put the ball in the pitcher and it was wonderful! It takes time and dedication, but it’s worth it once your puppy learns to do it on his own. I literally have to hide it when recess is over because she can play for hours! “

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