Alpena residents protest a strong smell in the north of the city – WBKB 11

Residents of Alpena gathered at City Hall on Friday to vent their frustrations over a lingering smell in the north of the city.

Different descriptions are given regarding the smell and none of them are pleasant. “It smells of death, like something that is dead. Rotten cabbage that’s been sitting on your kitchen table for days in the heat,” said Ford Avenue resident Barb Woodham. “Whatever it is, it’s rotten. There is no other way to describe it. It’s heartbreaking. People throw up, get headaches, you can’t stand it. I rented a hotel room.

This is not the first year that a smell invades the north of the city. “2019, you kinda smelled what smelled like dog shit in the neighborhood,” Woodham said. “Last year you had a bit of this rotten smell. This year is awful. »

According to the city, there are several sources where the smell could be coming from. A Gaylord air quality inspector found one on Friday. They were able to identify the smell of a lagoon at DPI. “That’s about all we know at this point,” said Alpena City Engineer Steve Shultz. “We’ve been unlucky so far because they’ve been to town a few times and the wind hasn’t cooperated and the smell hasn’t been there. They were here today and were able to spot, so that’s good news and it’s a start.

Mayor Matt Waligora listened to the complaints and told residents what they should do to help resolve the situation. He said they should contact the Michigan State Division of Air Quality. “They’re the immediate place that wants to know where you are, what date and time it is and describe the smell as best you can and maybe the direction of the wind if you know it,” he said. he declares.

Several protesters on Friday, including Woodham, raised the possibility of a lawsuit if the smell is not eliminated.

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