ALL BALL SPORTS: Dodger Surprises

by Paul Teetor Surprises can be good; surprises can be bad. Surprises can be big or surprises can be terrible. Context is everything. Dodgers fans got two big surprises this week: first a good one, then a great one. Not terrible yet. Not unless Dodgers pitcher/sexual sadist Trevor Bauer is allowed to come back and pitch again. Which, incredibly, could still happen. Stay tuned for the resolution of this sordid drama. On Thursday evening, the rather shocking news first broke that owners and players had agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. It was widely welcomed good news for a jittery nation because the long-running standoff – which began last November 1 when the old CBA expired – had begun to resemble the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations before Vladimir Putin n go ahead and invade: both sides accused the other of making crazy demands, lying about just about everything and negotiating in bad faith. But after Major League Baseball commissioner Rob (What, me Worry?) Manfred announced last week that the first two weeks of the baseball season that was supposed to start on March 31 would have to be called off, hence all hypothetical losses projected financial losses due to a work stoppage has become frighteningly real. And if there’s one thing that unites millionaire gamers and billionaire owners, it’s their love of money. A lot of money. So just when baseball pundits were predicting the work stoppage could

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