Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Focuses on Large Breed Dogs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society and Kern County Animal Services work together by offering free or reduced adoption fees for dogs over forty pounds.

“October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and right now large dogs are most at risk in shelters across the country, including Kern County, so the Best Friends Animal Society is partnering with shelters and ask them to waive or reduce their adoption fees,” Michelle Sathe said with Best Friends Animal Society.

“Our rescues and adoptions are at an all-time low, so we will be waiving all of our adoption fees for dogs over forty pounds,” added Joshua Proctor, behaviorist at Bakersfield Animal Care Center.

Proctor says inflation could be one of the reasons people choose not to adopt large breed dogs, as these dogs generally cost more to maintain than smaller breeds.

“Big dogs cost a lot more than a small dog, but it’s also harder to house a big dog. So people who lose their homes don’t have as many large dog-friendly homes as apartments, etc. So it becomes a bit more difficult to find a placement for them.

There’s also a common misconception that large-breed dogs are more dangerous than smaller breeds, but Proctor says dog attacks actually tend to come from smaller dogs.

“A large dog out of maybe five hundred will fail their assessments, but small dogs, on the other hand, even if they’re a bit fearful, a bit biting, they get a lot more forgiveness. There has many more bites in small breeds that weigh twenty-five pounds or less.

Sathe agrees.

“Often these dogs are abandoned by families who have children, so if the shelter knows they can try to find a really big dog for someone who already has children. I’ve seen this happen very many times.

But housing large breed dogs is just the beginning of the Best Friends Animal Society’s ultimate goal.

“Our goal is to end the slaughter of pets by 2025,” adds Sathe.

The adoption process is quite simple.

“All you need is a valid driver’s license. You must meet the dog, and if you also have a large dog, you must also bring your dog to meet and greet. We love having the whole family meet the dog,” Proctor explained.

For more information on the adoption process, visit Bakersfield Animal Care Center website.

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