A well-trained dog can be an entrepreneur’s best friend


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Dogs can be man’s best friend, but they can also be a huge nuisance to entrepreneurs if they don’t behave well. Whether you work from home or take your dog to work, you can’t just rely on toys and treats to keep your dog entertained all day. At some point, it becomes time to invest in real obedience training. It starts with DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification and Genetic Age Testing + 7 Dog Training Courses. This package is now on sale for only $ 77 (reg. $ 1,499).

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This pack is highlighted by the DNA My Dog NextGen Test, a specialized test designed to determine the biological age of your dog. This test provides insight into your dog’s expected longevity from a cellular level to better understand your dog’s long-term health outlook. Most importantly, with a simple home cheek swab, you’ll get a full report of all the breeds found in your dog’s DNA as a percentage. This way, you will have a better idea of ​​how to effectively train your dog since you will know their unique personality traits, what motivates them and how to best communicate with the breed.

It’s the perfect starting point for seven obedience classes from Sharon Bolt (instructor rating 4.0 / 5), one of the UK’s top dog behavior experts. She has had a regular post on BBC Radio since 2008 to address listeners dog dilemmas and is the author of three books, three CDs and the star of four DVDs.

In these classes, Bolt can help you with puppy training, leash training, obedience training and much more. You’ll learn how to stop barking and biting, how to give your dog the best natural nutrition, and even get a crash course in homeopathic remedies for sick dogs.

Make your dog not only your best friend, but your best ally. Right now, DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification & Genetic Age Testing + 7 Dog Training Courses is on sale for just $ 77.

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