A new list of the most popular dog breeds of 2021 has been announced – which one is right for you?


Following a new UK pet industry report on the lockdown by Pets4Homes, petGuard.co.uk has announced a list of the most popular dog breeds in Britain during the pandemic. The report compares the June 2021 ranking to a year ago, based on demand by dog ​​breed by measuring the number of buyers looking for that breed versus the availability of dogs and puppies.

And as working life picks up after lockdown, petGuard.co.uk has also produced a guide to help people make the right dog breed choice for them by noting characteristics such as usability, grooming needs and intelligence. The guide examines the characteristics of the 20 most popular dog breeds of 2021 based on data from Pets4Homes. Here is the first part of the guide from numbers one to 11:

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