A dog was greeted at Christmas after being rescued from an unlicensed West Wales breeder

A rescue dog found at a Welsh puppy farm in West Wales has found her forever home in time for Christmas after her life was turned upside down by RSPCA Cymru.

Gigi was one of over 200 dogs found and rescued on the premises of an unlicensed breeder based in West Wales.

The 11-month-old Labrador was “grossly overweight” when she was found with more than 200 breeding female dogs, stallions and newborn puppies.

After the ensuing investigation, 66 dogs were taken into RSPCA placement centers with Gigi heading to Swansea.

Several of the dogs that arrived developed intestinal infections with weeks of treatment required.

Jack Davies, an animal care assistant in Swansea, said:

“Gigi was very overweight and we think she was probably fattened up to breed. At first she could only take very short walks and then lay down completely exhausted.

“With the right food and daily exercise, the weight was reduced quite quickly and she now has a much healthier waist.”

RSPCA Inspector Holly Brown added: “It’s wonderful to see how completely Gigi’s life has been transformed.

“This Christmas she is in a wonderful house, surrounded by people who will take care of her and prioritize her needs, as she should be.”

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