A dog from the Evansville area has been in a shelter for more than 1,460 days


This Evansville-area dog has been at a local shelter for four years now. He is long overdue to find his forever home.

We know there are so many animals in shelters here in the Evansville area. It’s sad to see these dogs, cats, etc. have to call these shelters home. Make no mistake, all the shelters here take great care of the animals and give them as much attention as possible, but it is not the same that they have a real home and a real family. It’s even sadder to see an animal that has spent most of its life in a shelter.

Concrete example, Harrison. He is a mixed German Shepherd, between 5 and 6 years old, and has been with Puppies Book PC in Mount Vernon for four years now. Harrison lived most of his life in a concrete kennel and without a family. It’s sad to see. Look at that face.

I spoke with her foster family, Brooke this weekend about Harrison. She just looked for him last week and doesn’t know how long she will be able to keep him. However, she wants to make sure that Harrison finally finds his permanent home. She tells me that Harrison is a little worried at first with men, but that he has improved his confidence with them. It is quite possible that he had a bad experience before arriving at Puppies Book PC. Brooke says:

Since coming to my house, he has proven himself to be clean and to walk well on a leash. He gets along well with my dog ​​and doesn’t bother my pet rabbits. He loves to rub his stomach and walk, but he’s still learning to play with toys. He is a fast learner and knows how to sit and come when you call him. Overall, he has incredible demeanor.

While it’s great that he’s currently out of the shelter, there is still work to be done for Harrison to return to his home forever. Her “foster mother” has been a great blessing in Harrison’s life and she is doing all she can to help him make it happen. PC Pound Puppies recently posted on Harrison and his experience with his “host mother”.

I know there are a lot of great people in the Evansville area who might be looking for a furry family member. It’s about time Harrison found one of those families. If you want to learn more about Harrison and potentially give him that home forever, PC Pound Puppies has an app on their website for you to do. The app can be found by click here.

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