A Collapse of the Capital Improvement Plan – Farmville


The Prince Edward County Capital Improvement Plan (CAP) has 14 potential projects. The following is a guide for each of them. The county planning commission approved the PIC at its Tuesday night meeting and forwarded it to the supervisory board, which will review it at its October meeting.

The projects are listed in the order in which they appear in the CIP.

1. The animal shelter, according to CIP, is currently too old and too small to accommodate more than nine cats and 11 dogs, which is too few for the county’s current needs. The cost of the project is estimated at $ 1,500,000 from the general county fund.

2. The primary school project, which has by far attracted the most attention, foresees “a new primary school building, or at the very least, a major renovation of the facility,” according to the CIP. The total cost is estimated at $ 45,255,164 from general county funds; the county has started setting aside for the project and is seeking additional funding, which may include a tax on meals and a possible additional 1% local sales tax.

3. The VDOT revenue sharing project would help pave some of the county’s dirt and gravel roads at a rate of 4-6 miles per year, twice as fast as the current 2-3 miles per year. The cost of the project is estimated at $ 600,000 from the general county fund.

4. The landfill compactor project would simply replace this compactor which, according to the CIP, is at the end of its life and shows signs of wear. The cost is estimated at $ 750,000 from the landfill.

5. The emergency radiocommunication system project would renovate the current obsolete emergency radiocommunication system at an estimated cost of $ 5,619,346 from the county general fund.

6. The replacement courthouse cooler would replace the Prince Edward County courthouse cooling system, which dates from 1997. Replacement parts are more difficult to find, according to the PIC. The cost is estimated at $ 230,000 from the county general fund.

7. Convenience site upgrades affect the county’s six solid waste sites and include new paving, fencing, signage, concrete slabs and lighting. The cost is estimated at $ 375,000 from general funds and county solid waste.

8. The track renovation at Prince Edward County High School would include, but not be limited to, replacing the existing rubber track, filling in asphalt cracks, installing Petromat paving and the installation of protection of land, turf and fencing. The cost is estimated at $ 297,704 from the county general fund.

9. The lawn renovation of the Prince Edward County Courthouse would include building a new plaza, removing shrub hedges and brick columns, new walkways, high pressure washing of concrete existing and new landscaping, signage, flag poles and site furnishings. The total cost would be $ 109,000 from the county general fund.

10. The replacement of the cannery boiler would result in a new boiler in place of the 49 year old one currently installed at the county cannery. The cost would be $ 60,000 from general county funds.

11. The purchase of a skid steer loader, a motorized machine with lifting arm, would allow the device to be used in various locations, including the landfill, collection sites and at the courthouse for snow removal. . The cost is estimated at $ 50,000 from the county general fund.

12. The courthouse telephone system would replace the current one, which is 15 years old. The cost is estimated at $ 50,000 from the county general fund.

13. An electronic document management system would organize and streamline the county administration filing system. The cost is estimated at $ 80,000 from the county general fund.

14. The new voting material requested by the registrar is estimated at $ 190,000 from the county general fund.

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