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The crazy frolics of the gang It’s always nice in Philadelphia wouldn’t be the same without the equally crazed supporting characters fans have grown to love over the years. Some of these recurring characters have done so much with and for the gang that they deserve to be considered for a place in the main group.

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The most deserving of these side characters have proven to be just as hilarious as Frank, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Charlie. Alternatively, some of them have just been victimized by the gang enough times that they should at least have their own chair at Paddy’s (even if it’s just the stool in the joke).

9 Gail the Snail

always sunny Gail the snail

As a cousin of Dennis and Dee, “Gail the Snail” has appeared a few times in the series, only to have the gang chase her away by “salting the snail.” It’s a practice that started when the trio were just kids, Dee remembering how she had thrown Gail in the dryer once and sprinkled it with salt.

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It’s easy to hate 33-year-old Gail, whose insistence on handjobs to Frank (her step-uncle) can be disgusting and disturbing. Her rebellious demeanor is more appropriate for a teenage girl who insists on doing things her way. This attitude would add an interesting (if not somewhat boring) layer to the already chaotic gang. Stubborn members act the same as immature teens most of the time, anyway.

8 Artemis

Actor-in-Training Artemis Dubois is one of the best recurring characters in The weather is always good. Fans probably remember her the most from Season 5, when she claims to be Desert Rose for the soldier Dee saw online.

Artemis is always there for the gang no matter how crazy the situation is, and she deserves to be considered one of them at this point. Whether it’s providing them with a random rug for one of their projects or putting on a burlesque show with Frank at the bar, they can always count on Artemis to accompany their wacky ideas.

7 Jan the roommate

Jan the roommate leaning on a doorframe and speaking in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

After Mac and Charlie fake their deaths in Season 4, Dennis quickly tries to replace Mac by placing an ad in the newspaper for “Sexy Roommates.” Instead of women showing up, however, it’s Jan who appears at her front door. He convinces Dennis that it’s a bad idea to have women as roommates, as they will become boring and unattractive over time.

The couple find they have a lot in common and start throwing parties with half-naked women in the apartment. Jan and Dennis could become one of the best duos in The weather is always good if Jan could get more airtime. It would be hilarious to see how Mac – who over-protects her friendship with Dennis – would react to Jan joining the gang and becoming Dennis’ new best friend.

6 Charlie’s mom

Bonnie Kelly, often referred to simply as Charlie’s mother, initially appears as a shy and harmless woman. His intense anxiety and OCD hamper his day-to-day life. She is needlessly terrified of even the smallest dogs and has an irrational fear of shopping carts.

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Bonnie might not be the best mom ever, but she truly cares about Charlie, even as she shows it by turning light switches on and off to avoid his sudden death. She has also proven that she can be as ruthless as the gang, especially when she pretended to have cancer in Season 8 after racking up debt for ruining a church statue. Any episode with her is funny in the most chaotic way – it would be hilarious to see her try to follow the gang’s crazy and often dangerous plans.

5 Bill Ponderosa

Bill Ponderosa in bathrobe on sofa in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

Bill Ponderosa has a tragic story arc in the series, which is especially emphasized when it is revealed that he was a fit high school athlete who had dreams and ambitions. It’s a stark contrast to his adult life, where he loses his family and becomes addicted to drugs, in large part thanks to encouragement from the gang.

The gang played an active role in Pondy’s downward spiral. In Season 6, Dee encouraged him to kidnap his own children, marking them irreversibly for life. Frank also urged him to take drugs again after working so hard to stay sober. The gang’s active involvement in Bill’s history has earned him a place alongside them, especially since they are the only ones capable of keeping him alive. They saved his life more than once, with Frank having even knocked his gun over at one point. The gang probably won’t be able to stop his downward spiral, but they can make sure he stays alive.

4 Liam McPoyle

Incestuous McPoyle siblings are responsible for some of the most iconic scenes in The weather is always good. Whether it’s taking the gang hostage at the bar or playing a role in ruining Maureen Ponderosa’s marriage, they always live up to their own disastrous plans. Liam is definitely a star among the three siblings – sadly his most iconic moment is having his eye pulled out of its socket by a bird.

Liam McPoyle is the unofficial leader of the trio, so it only makes sense to only add him to the gang if they could only pick one person. After years of fighting between the two groups, the gang and the McPoyles deserve some form of peace – including Liam in the main group could be the perfect way to achieve this. He’s obviously just as mad as the gang, even stabbing Charlie with a fork in Season 2.

3 Poppins

Poppins is lying on a vet's table as Mac and Charlie watch him in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

Poppins is Mac’s adorable dog who never dies. He must be over thirty at this point and has been through some comically dangerous situations. He ate cigarette butts, caught Mac’s ringworm, and swallowed Dee’s poisonous shake.

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After all he’s been through and because of the gang, he deserves to be considered one of them. This invincible dog has somehow survived the gang’s antics all these years, often disappearing for months only to reappear at Paddy’s. Frank and Dennis even tried to throw his corpse in the trash, only to have it come back wagging its tail. His longevity alone makes him more than worthy to join them in their crazy adventures.

2 The waitress

The waitress starts out as a sympathetic character in The weather is always good, and most fans probably felt bad for her because Charlie was constantly following her. Depicted as an easily forgettable character, fans never even learn his name.

Like so many characters on the show, however, it’s revealed that the waitress can be just as terrible as the gang. She’s a rude drunkard with an unhealthy obsession with Dennis. It doesn’t make up for how badly the gang treated her, Charlie even tricked her into a relationship by trying to get her pregnant at one point. His prominent role as the victim of the group’s antics should be enough to earn him a place in the gang. It would be hilarious to see her work as a waitress for Paddy’s – maybe they’ll even learn her name.

1 Locust

his always sunny crickets tale episode

If there’s one person most deserving of joining the gang, it’s Rickety Cricket. Thanks to her undying love for Dee, Cricket left the priesthood to be rejected by her. Its downward spiral from this point is almost painful to watch. Cricket loses his home, becomes addicted to drugs, is injured by a mob and is constantly attacked by feral dogs – and these are just a few of the bad things that have happened to him.

The gang often drag him into their schemes, paying him in lemons instead of cash. They never took responsibility for ruining his life despite the active role they play in putting him in dangerous situations. However, they cannot deny that he was useful for their projects, Mac and Charlie even doing a regular activity to “chase” him around town. The least they can do for Cricket is to make him an official member of the gang. He’s pretty much moved into Paddy’s bathroom anyway, as it’s the only safe place he has to smoke PCP.

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