5 foods that would taste delicious in real life (and 5 that wouldn’t)

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world RPG. Teyvat is full of beautiful landscapes, filled with flora to gather and wild animals to hunt. These collected resources are useful when the plates need to cook food for various purposes.

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Food is an essential part of Genshin Impact. Foods that players can cook in the game have many uses, from boosting their CRIT stats for a period of time to reviving fallen characters. Whatever the purpose, many of these dishes would be delicious in real life. However, if any of these dishes are undercooked, it would be the opposite.

ten Would be delicious: mint jelly is refreshing and invigorating

Genshin Impact Aloy

Mint jelly was so popular that MiHoYo posted an actual recipe for the dish on Xiao’s birthday. In the game, mint jelly regenerates a character’s HP. The ingredients are simple, requiring only a mint plant and a jar of sugar.

This dish is described as refreshing, leaving anyone who consumes it feeling invigorated and ready to face the rest of their day. Mint jelly is a rich green color, with a pair of mint leaves placed on top. When Aloy cooks this dish, it’s possible the satiety gel is created instead – opting for slices of jelly rather than a round blob on a plate.

9 Wouldn’t be delicious: A suspicious three-flavor skewer has a foul smell

Official art of Xiangling holding a bowl of food next to Guoba while Xingqiu and Chongyun enjoy their meals in the background.

When dishes are undercooked, the game calls them “suspicious” variations of otherwise typical dishes. While a standard three-flavor skewer is a great ATK booster for a player’s in-game team, a suspicious three-flavor skewer is burnt ingredients hastily tossed onto a burnt bamboo stick.

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The in-game description of this slaughtered Inazuman delicacy indicates that it has such a potent and foul smell that if it were to be cooked in the wild, it would attract a tribe of hilichurls.

8 Would be delicious: everyone loves Mondstadt hash browns

Razor in Genshin Impact

This HP replenishing dish consists of two pine cones, a potato and a jar of jam. When Razor cooks this meal, the hash browns can even be shaped like puppy paws. This three-star delicacy is featured in Genshin Impact like a simple fried pancake of mashed potatoes, the crunch provided by the pine cones.

People of all ages love Mondstadt hash browns. Sometimes this meal is so well cooked that it might even cause an individual to feel the gentle breeze and gentle dew of Mondstadt with their eyes closed.

seven Wouldn’t be delicious: Suspicious rice pudding is way too sweet to eat

Cuisine du Voyageur, Chongyun and Xingqiu

Usually rice pudding is a sweet dessert and a great stamina booster. However, rice pudding becomes somewhat dangerous to eat when undercooked. Instead of being a soothing delicacy, this dish boils down to an unsatisfying bowl of rice that’s way too sweet for the average person to enjoy.

The in-game description seems to imply that the only method of consuming this suspicious meal is to take an ordinary tasting drink and slash it to remove the unsavory taste from its mouth.

6 Would be delicious: Sayu’s “Dizziness-Be-Gone No Jutsu Version 2.0” is a cute version of Onigiri

Sayu in Genshin Impact

This version of an Inazuman specialty is a great recovery dish, inspired by classic Japanese onigiri. Sayu’s dish is possible when players use it to cook regular onigiri. The result is his “Dizziness-Be-Gone No Jutsu Version 2.0.”

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The rice balls are kneaded into the shape of a mujina, a Japanese badger – not to be confused with a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog. This adorable dish is eye-catching and makes anyone who takes a look want to try Sayu’s take on traditional onigiri.

5 Wouldn’t be delicious: Awful taste of suspicious miso soup lasts all day

YaoYao, QiQi, and Paimon eating at what appears to be a festival.

This Inazuman specialty is usually a simple soup, consisting of a serving of tofu with a piece of sea grass to create an energizing meal that helps characters recover their HP during battle. However, when the dish is undercooked, it becomes a soggy mess of wilted seagrass, tangled up in crispy bits of tofu.

The in-game description of this disaster states that if one eats the suspicious miso soup for breakfast first thing in the morning, then the awful taste will undoubtedly haunt them throughout the day.

4 Would be delicious: Sakura Mochi is as good to look at as it is to eat

Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin

This elegant salvage dish is as aesthetic to look at as it is undeniably tasty. This dish features two pink rice cakes formed from sakura petals, surrounded by green leaf to add an element of complexity to an otherwise warm color palette.

When Kamisato Ayaka cooks this dish, the result is a meal called “Snow On The Hearth”. Ayaka’s take on sakura mochi features the delicately intricate art of a snowflake on top of the mochi. No matter the variation, this dish would be delicious.

3 Wouldn’t be delicious: suspect braised meat is fatty and undercooked

Amber and Xiangling from the Genshin Impact kitchen.

Braised meat is usually a hearty physical DMG boosting dish. When consumed by team members, this dish gives a massive boost to any physical DMG inflicted by characters. However, when this dish is undercooked, it becomes a blunt disaster of raw meat floating in a mess of wilted vegetables.

Suspicious Braised Meat becomes a fatty, unflavorful meal, rather than a lean cut of beef to help characters build up their strength. At its best, braised meat is described as down-to-earth, satisfying, and tender. When her suspicious variation is unleashed, she is portrayed only as a watered down, greasy piece of meat struggling to stay afloat inside her cooking pot.

2 Would be delicious: Berry Mizu Manjuu is cool and refreshing

Paimon, Thoma, Aether (The Traveler and the Ayaka kitchen.

This replenishing HP confection is a soothing sight to the eyes, donning a sheer skin that reveals the filling of vibrant yellow berries within.

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The in-game description of berry mizu manjuu states that when street vendors prepare this dish, it is placed inside a clay bowl, submerged in water. This is how the cooling effects of this dish remain. From these descriptions, one can only infer that this meal is an excellent refreshment, especially in the unbearably hot summer months.

1 Wouldn’t be delicious: suspect steak is so bad it feels sorry for itself

Genshin Unusual Impact Hilichurl Mimi Tomo

Players who receive commissions from Ella Musk immediately recognize this as a gift from the hilichurl with whom the girl successfully communicates. This disgusting meal is not just a gift from a hilichurl during the Traveler’s daily errands; if a player does not cook a piece of raw meat properly, it results in a suspect steak.

This unappetizing piece of meat is gray in color. The in-game description of this crime against humanity states that its dull color is created because it looks like the meat is feeling sorry for itself as it is nothing but a pathetic excuse for a steak.

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