3 Weird Things About Star Trek That We Fans Just Accept

We love Star Trek but those three things are just weird.

Star Trek is awesome. It is filled with so much uniqueness and intrigue. It’s filled to the brim with creative writing and dynamic acting. It really is something special. It gave a lot of us such good times, but man, if you start thinking about it, there are things about Star Trek that are just plain weird.

For starters, every bipedal alien is seemingly related? Thank you for this pointless story arc, Next Generation. Or despite their intergalactic travels, the Bajorans simply accept aliens as gods. Now, most things aren’t that weird or even something to argue with.

Most things. Not all. Some are weird. Some are weird and stupid. Some need to be discussed and that is what we are doing.

These are three weird things Star Trek fans accept

Bloodwine is blood and everyone drinks it

Calm down, yes I know there is no official claim that Klingon Bloodwine is actually made with real blood. Still, he is strongly suspected to be. In an episode of Enterprise, when Jonathan Archer asked Kolos what Bloodwine’s blood was, Kolos did not answer him. Seems like a perfect place to shoot down a dirty rumor that Klingon are drinking the blood of… something. Nope. To help further cement this argument, the 1999 Star Trek Cookbook describes Bloodwine as fermented blood mixed with sugar. And non-Klingons drink it, voluntarily.

The Ocampans have babies between 2 and 4 years old

This one is right, yuck. Sometimes ideas have to be kicked out of the writer’s room. In Star Trek: Voyager, the series introduced us to the Ocampans, a race of aliens who live to be around seven or eight years old. They age quickly and have essentially the same lifespan as a medium-sized dog. Like dogs, Ocampans also start having babies around the same age, around two to four years old. In Voyager, Kes started her “cycle” if you will, when she was about three years old. She was dating a man in his thirties, but that’s for another list. The inhabitants of Ocamp have children at the age of three. What? Why?

Vulcans need sex so much they could die without it

The title says it all. Vulcans go through Pon Farr, a mating cycle every seven years. If a Vulcan is not ‘sated’ within eight days of starting their Pon Farr, they may die. Even crazier, they can transfer the physical effects of the Pon Farr to another person, even an alien, and let them suffer instead.

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