12 Old Fashioned Foods You Need To Try At Least Once – Eat This, Not That

Baseball is a taste of nostalgia. Fans of the game will always remember that first game and who got them there. They will still hear the sound of cheers from the stadium after the final withdrawal. And there’s no doubting the smell of cooking hot dogs, buttered popcorn or any of the old-fashioned iconic foods and drinks you can only get at the ballpark.

While we’re not claiming that ballpark food is healthy, there’s a place in healthy eating to eat happily, and that’s what nostalgic food relives. As the playoffs begin, here’s your chance to reminisce about all the treats you could enjoy. From shelled peanuts and popcorn to ice cream in plastic hats and ice cold beer, here are 12 stadium foods and sips you’ll want to grab. After all, they are woven into the fabric of the national pastime and are as American as baseball itself.


“Buy Me Peanuts and Cracker Jack…” Baseball’s iconic song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, says it best: Peanuts and baseball make great teammates. The legendary song is still played in ballparks nationwide, and fans still sing along with a bag of peanuts and a box of sweet and salty Cracker Jack. These are timeless baseball snacks.

mug of malt

If you grew up in Minnesota and went to the stadium to watch the Minnesota Twins play, you probably fondly remember enjoying a Kemps Malt Cup, a sundae of chocolate malt ice cream with a wooden spoon. . Kemps was associated with local stud Joe Mauer who played for many years with the Twins. You can buy the malt mugs at grocery stores across the Midwest, but unfortunately no longer at Target Field, the home of the Twins.

soft pretzel game
Soft Pretzel Takes/Twitter

Yes, large salty pretzels are very popular this time of year during Oktoberfest festivals. But Germany’s favorite snack has also always been a favorite of baseball fans in the summer. And still are. A salty soft pretzel and a cold beer – a double rule of thumb.

child eating a hot dog

It is believed that the first hot dogs were sold at ball games in 1893 at Brown Stockings (now the St. Louis Cardinals) games. Ballpark hot dogs are a real team flavor and have home-court advantage – Fenway Park in Boston, MLB’s oldest ballpark, is where you’ll find Fenway Franks – and condiments like relish. In Los Angeles, they’re called the Dodgers Dogs, and at Yankee Stadium, Nathan’s hot dogs are a local favorite, and sauerkraut is savory, not savory.

stadium beer
Red Sox/Facebook

“Bring your beer here!” is something you will hear at every stage. Even if you’re not a fan of a cold, frothy beer, there’s something appealing about pouring yourself a beer while enjoying a baseball game. All stadiums serve popular brands, like Bud Lite and Coors Light, and most stadiums also pay homage to local breweries, like Sam Adams at Fenway. But don’t get too fancy, a Bud Lite just hits a different big plastic cup in a stadium.

ice cream helmet
Craig Mittelstaedt/Twitter

A swirl of ice cream on a hot summer night is always a hit, but smooth serve in a mini plastic helmet with the team logo stamped on it is clutch hit. Kids love this new frozen treat as much as their parents. What’s not to love: soft serve ice cream and a souvenir helmet featuring your favorite team?

stadium popcorn

A big carton of popcorn is perfect for sharing and snacking – by handfuls – especially when the bases are loaded and the game is on. Kind of like watching an adventure movie in a movie theater (only much better if you like baseball). Drama and popcorn, perfect partners.

Gilroy Garlic Fries
Sarah Barshop/Twitter

These garlicky house fries are a huge hit at AT&T Park San Francisco with loyal fans and visiting team fans as well. Here is a recipe.

Brats: Polish sausage

Milwaukee is the king of bratwursts, and the beer-brewed brats at Miller Park are legendary. There’s even a sausage race between costumed kids and Polish sausages at the games

Daddy's beard

Even better than the circus, cotton candy at a baseball game is the place for the youngest baseball fans and has been for decades – every kid deserves a cotton candy and baseball game experience.

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philly cheese steaks

Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia may be new, but cheesesteaks have as rich a history as Philadelphia and are more popular than hot dogs here.

eat a cuban sandwich

Tampa Bay has a great rich history with Cuba, and the popularity of the Cuban Roast Pork Sandwich sold at Tropicana Field is a good example. Cuba and the United States of course have a long shared history and love of baseball and this sandwich is a much-loved reminder.

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